Kids programs are not available during Fall, Winter, Spring months. We will be resuming kids programs that run simultaneously with adults group training in Ottawa in early June 2017. Please contact us to be notified when summer kids programs are announced.

“Many women with children won’t give themselves any time because they feel they need to be spending time with children, fulfilling their children’s needs and being a “good parent.” It is worth a reminder, however, that you can teach your children the most by example, and the happier and healthier you are with more energy to share with them, the more they will appreciate your love as a parent”

Lisa Lynam, Author of “Triathlon for Women”

Now you can share your experience of triathlon with the whole family by training guilt-free while kids are well taken care of and enrolled in fun-filled “training” programs as well.

Our goal is to provide a unique family approach to training with coached services delivered for both children and their parent(s) simultaneously. Parents will receive supported sessions to finish their desired level of triathlon while kids are occupied with training and games in a fun, safe and health-oriented environment.