November 2016 update

Big Five Athletes in the western hemisphere have started their fall/winter training concentrating on building the aerobic engine while strengthening core muscles is at the top of the agenda. These sessions will help build a strong foundation for more and harder training as next year continues. As we know, those who stick to their winter program have established written goals in place and are the ones who achieve their fitness and/or racing goals so let’s have a chat to map this out ASAP!

Big Five Tri is planning a fun family-oriented week long Training camp in Cuba (very well-priced all-inclusive resort in Cayo Santa Maria) in April over the Easter weekend – TBD – and another very family-friendly Training Camp late June/early July in Mont Tremblant. Let me know if you are interested. To add to this, Your Big Five coaches and the hangers-on’ers will be sacrificing themselves in early January by going down to Cuba to scout things out for you. That is how devoted we are to you!

Sue Mackey is in recovery mode after what I hope is the final tune up needed for full recovery. She is rebounding nicely and it looks like she is gearing up again for another season of triathlon training. Awesome Sue, you are a complete inspiration!

Newbie Michelle Nadler gets some Big Five kudos in Athlete Spotlight post.

Also a big Welcome to Steve Outhouse to the Big Five Family! Steve resides in Montreal West, also known as Orleans. He is looking to up his triathlon game and is eyeing up an Ironman 70.3. Excited to have Steve on board!

The Fall/Winter Indoor Group Ride/Run/Core Coached Programs are running!

Wed & Fri 5:30-6:30 AM
Indoor Rides with Coach Liz

Sun 8 AM
Indoor ride with an option for core session and run afterwards for those with Coach Mike

Coach Mike is flirting with joining an established group for Thursday night Gatineau Park Fat Bike group as well. Swimming is still in the hands of Andrea at B-Train swim should you be in Ottawa and want to join an awesome Master’s Club.

Coming up next month:
News from races from our Myanmar & Italian contingent including fun trail races where husband takes on wife. Italian Tamara runs 2 10k races in Rome. More next month!

Julia Borgan is back at Big Five training hard and, of course, she has some news about adding another little notch to the Ironman belt. More news on this next month!

Ok, happy training and get on that Vitamin D to keep feeling good!