Do I have to be a triathlete to join or use your program?

Absolutely not! We are “multi-sport”. You can be “just” a runner, cyclist or swimmer. Or simply a person who is trying to get in shape with the plan to run 5K or just to be strong and healthy. We have athletes who don’t race at all and just like the support and guidance we provide for their healthy lifestyle goals. Everyone welcome!

Where are you located?

Our online coached programs are accessible to athletes all over the world via TrainingPeaks software, Skype calls and emails. Our physical address is 1130 Emperor Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8C1. We have a beautiful studio for indoor spins off-season or in bad weather. You bring your bike and trainer or rent one of our trainers. We cycle all around Ottawa and Gatineau park in the summer. The club members can get discount on memberships with B-Train Swimming and join us for open water swims in the summer at Meech Lake.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of options. Visit our programs pages for updated packages and pricing.

Do I have to commit for year or season?

You can pay monthly based on 6-months commitment or pre-pay for a year and get a discount. We encourage all athletes to start with 1-week free trial to see if it’s right for you. If you get sick or injured, we have specialized programs to nurse you through your recovery.

Do I have to compete / race?

Although you do not have to race to enjoy our club as a healthy long-term lifestyle is a big part of our philosophy at Big Five, we do believe that it can be fun to validate your fitness gains. Think about it… and it doesn’t have to be an Ironman triathlon, a Boston Qualifier marathon or a 4 day cycle tour through the Amazon, it can be a great local race such as the swim/bike! It just gives you a target should you need to keep motivated to reach your fitness goals! Let’s have a chat about that!

Do you provide references?

Yes! We would be happy to get you connected with a few of our athletes and then you can take advantage of a free week trial if you are still unsure if this is right for you.