December 2016 Newsletter – Happy Holidays & Staying Fit

Greetings Athletes and Friends of Big Five Tri,

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As the cold sets in and the stresses of the holidays are upon us, it almost feels like rushing around serving others is our sole purpose. Well, don’t forget to schedule in time for yourself.

Perhaps a massage with April Ferguson (best to text her at 613-402-5995), our preferred Massage Therapist, may just be the ticket!

Also, with some proper planning, we can continue to keep ourselves fit and healthy by being pro-active (like getting your training in early in the day) the busiest season of the year.

Remember, energy begets energy, and if you are fit you will find life’s tasks way easier to perform. Half a training session during a busy day is way better than missing it totally. ¬†Eating healthy throughout the holiday season is another way to keep your energy up. Preparing extra meals at dinner and having healthful snacks with us (as in bringing snacks to the shopping mall) will stop those dreaded fast food stops that really pack on the pounds!!

As the new year comes about, finding a new activity to try can really put a skip back in your step. That is why Big Five will be rounding up a group to go to the intro to snowshoeing program out of Landsdowne Park starting on January 19th. Let’s consider doing this as a team (our kids are coming) and have some fun!

Intro to Snowshoeing at Lansdowne Park

About the Big Five Group Winter Program: ONLY 2 SPOTS Remain!
We are in full swing with the Big Five Tri most awesome get fit winter training program again (your bike and trainer) out of our studio at 1130 Emperor Ave off Fisher with coach Liz Wednesdays & Fridays from 5:30-6:30 am and Coach Mike for long Course Ride/Core/Run on Sundays starting at 8AM. This is a small coached club and only 2 spots remain in the Big Five studio. All 3 weekly sessions at $79+HST/month with a 6 month commitment. The Big Five winter program is a structured program that builds on itself so you hit your spring triathlon, duathlon, road race, or the beach at your best.

Please let me know if you want one of those last 2 spots!

Big Five Athlete of the Month: Tamara Candiracci!

Tamara (in the middle) resides in Rome, Italy. She recently became a certified Movement Medicine Specialist, is also a yoga teacher on top of her day job as a nurse with Medecins sans Frontier. In the past month Tamara has run her first two 10k run races! Tamara has been a joy to coach, always pushing herself to the next level in her training. She is eyeing up a half marathon! Congratulations Tamara!

Ask me about Big Five’s advanced core stimulus programs starting at only $19/month (you must have a stability ball and bands)

Happy Training and have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.